I’m back at my Hubbie’s place, and that means being able to walk on my prairie trail.

Fall isn’t my favorite season. Maybe it’s because I know winter and winter-like conditions will be right behind. But even so, it was gorgeous, walking down that trail, surrounded on both sides by trees, some even retaining their green leaves. It was so still, so calm. It took my breath away.

I have one more day, and then I have to head back. Hopefully this little bit of time in one of my favorite places on the Earth will last me through the winter.

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 The trees have been gorgeous on my morning weekend walk at home, and I just had to share them. Fall colors don’t last too long, being this far north, but every once in awhile I’m at the right place and time to capture a few of them at their peak. 
On a different note, I was supposed to be at my hubbie’s place this long weekend, but a bad cold has kept me from traveling. I was looking forward to walks down my prairie trail. 

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Another Day, Another Sunrise

 This one’s out my front door back at home. Doesn’t have the same open feeling to it, but it’s still quite beautiful.

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I have this “thing” about sunrises. To me, they’re representative of the fresh new start of the day.  And sunrises here on the prairie are like a wide open canvas.  It’s a beautiful way to start my days. 

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The uniqueness of my prairie trail

Ah, the treasures that I can find when I’m walking down the prairie trail.   Frankly, I wonder how I could have missed this cool tree.  Its bark looks as if it had been weaved into a basket-like shape by the wind.  I don’t know what type of tree its gnarled self is, but it’s beautiful in its own way.  It sits at the beginning of the prairie trail like an old, kind guardian, welcoming everyone and everything to enjoy the peace and quiet of strolling down its lane.

I’m back for what might be my last visit of the summer to my hubbie’s place.  My schedule for August has a couple of appointments that are spaced out, making it difficult to find a chunk of time to come back here later.  Maybe I’ll need to schedule a long weekend instead, later in the month.

But in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy my 2-1/2 weeks now.  Maybe I’ll discover more treasures on my walks.

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One more day in peace and quiet



Once again, I’m back at my Hubbie’s, enjoying the peace and quiet of the country.  I’ve had my daily walks with Murphy, my Hubbie’s dog.  I’ve read countless stories, enjoying the time to myself while my Hubbie worked during the day.  Now it is my last full day here, and I’ll be returning home tomorrow.  School workshops start next week as well as all staff moving things back into the school building.  The week will be jam-packed with physical activity.  Which is why I am relishing my last day of total relaxation.

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You don’t have to look up to see the sky

In the spirit of fairness, I thought I should at least post some pictures of the beautiful sky at sunset . 


And another. 


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