Sunrise and a little before

I’ve always had an affinity for sunrises verses sunsets.  I know most people would say sunsets if asked in a poll.  (That’s what kids at school say they prefer.)  But me?  Since I was a kid, I’ve loved sunrises more.  Maybe because I am a morning person.  During the summer, I thought nothing of getting up early when I didn’t have to, just so that I could see a sunrise. 

Anyway.  I woke up this morning before Hubbie’s alarm went off and a half hour before sunrise.  Poochie, the dog, and I raced outside to behold the glory of a beautiful sunrise.  I’m still learning the settings on my new camera.  I was lazy and just let the camera do them this morning.  But I think I came up with some wonderful shots of what we saw.




And sunrise itself. 


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